Scam Gold Buyers

There are many tricks used by scam gold buyers trying to steal your gold. This page will detail many of the gold scams unscrupulous dealers use to cheat customers out of their gold.

Gold scammers are gold buyers who choose to do business in ways that cheat their customers. Each of these gold scams have been used locally and across the nation by scam gold buyers to rip off trusting customers.

Dishonest Scale Scam

This is why some buyers don’t want you to see them weigh your gold. They weigh your gold out of sight and give you a false weight. You must see the scale. Some gold buyers have been known to weigh in pennyweights. And tell you the pennyweight number was grams. So a 4.6 gram necklace would be 2.96 pennyweight. If you were unaware of the gram weight you just were cheated out of 1.6 grams of gold.

False Advertising Scam

Their ad says we always pay the highest price. Then they have a 20% more coupon running. With the competitiveness of the gold business, it is impossible to always pay the highest price and give a 20% bonus. They would be bankrupt in a week. The funny thing is we sometimes give a second opinion quote, and our price is more than the offer of the guy who says he pays the most.

Gold Roadshow Scams

Gold roadshows whiz into town with newspaper ads full of rare coins. likely, you don’t own any of those coins. Roadshows promise great deals, but have been proven to start payouts as low as 8% of your gold’s value.

Low Ball Gold Scammer

These guys act like they are at the flea market. You bring in an item, they pick it up, toss it down, and say “I’ll give you 50 bucks for it.” They don’t test your gold. They don’t weigh your gold. Do you think this is fair? Their offer is guaranteed to be 30% to 50% below value.

At Yavapai Coin and Jewelry we don’t play any games.

We’ll test your gold, silver, and platinum as you watch. We’ll weigh it on a State Certified Scale, and give you an immediate appraisal of your item’s value.

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Updated 01/23/2017

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