Sterling Silver Marks

How can you tell if your silver is real? Sterling silver marks are usually on most sterling silver. Ideally your silver has the word Sterling on it.

The most authoritative mark that there is for sterling silver is simply the whole word Sterling on your silver item. For silverware check the back of the spoon and fork handles. For serving dishes, plates, bowls, and other items look on the bottom of the item.

There is not set place for the .925 mark on jewelry. If you can find a Sterling mark on your jewelry then it is usually bona fide. Jewelry marked as .925 may or may not be silver. 40% to 50% of the time it is a cheaper metal plated with silver.

Silver flatware may be marked with many different markings. EPNS means electro plated nickel silver which is junk. Triple plated means some other metal with silver plating. Quadruple plated means plated. EP means electro plated.

Any variation of Rogers Brothers like William A Rogers, Wm Rogers and Sons, or some other maker with a slash, and Rogers means you have some silver plated silverware. Sometimes the date 1847 will appear. William Rogers Co merged or worked with many companies. We have not yet seen any of their silverware that was valuable.

English silver may be marked with a Passant Lion as part of a series of markings on the back of Sterling Silver made in the late 1300’s to 1900’s. The Passant Lion has 3 feet on the ground and his right paw raised, as shown above. Any other lion variation than this, indicates fake silver.

If you see the Sterling mark, by all means bring in your silver for an appraisal. If you are unsure if something is real, bring it in. We’ll check it for you, as we test your gold, silver, and platinum as you watch. We’ll weigh it on a State Certified Scale, and give you an immediate appraisal of your item’s value.

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