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The Gold Buyer blog is about buying, selling, and identifying gold and various precious metals.

Sep 24, 2012

Why Us

Why us? Why should you sell your gold, silver, platinum jewelry, coins, and silverware to Yavapai Coin and Jewelry?

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Sep 24, 2012


Here the FAQ we get about the gold and silver business on a regular basis. As an Honest Gold Guy store we like to keep our customers informed about our business.

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Sep 24, 2012

Scrap Gold Pennyweight

Have you heard of a scrap gold pennyweight? What is a pennyweight? Why are some gold buyers using pennyweights to measure gold and silver?

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Sep 21, 2012

Selling Silver Coins

Perhaps you’re thinking of selling silver coins, silver jewelry, or silver flatware. If so, you’re at to the right place. Yavapai Coin and Jewelry buys silver coins.

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Sep 21, 2012

Buy Silver Eagles

Yes we buy silver eagles. They are also known as American Silver Eagle Coins. American Silver Eagles one dollar coins were first issued in 1986.

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Sep 21, 2012

Gold Jewelry Buyers

At Yavapai Coin and jewelry we are gold jewelry buyers. We buy broken, unworn and unwanted gold, silver, platinum jewelry, and much more.

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Sep 10, 2012

Honest Gold Guys

The term Honest Gold Guy was trademarked by us. Honest gold guys do their best to give customers a fair and honest deal in all their transactions.

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Sep 10, 2012

Scam Gold Buyers

There are many tricks used by scam gold buyers trying to steal your gold. This page will detail many of the gold scams unscrupulous dealers use to cheat customers.

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Sep 08, 2012

Sterling Silver Marks

How can you tell if your silver is real? Sterling silver marks are usually on most sterling silver. Ideally your silver has the word Sterling on it.

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Sep 08, 2012

About Us

Here is a little about us. My Name is Greg Wyatt and I am the owner of Yavapai Coin and Jewelry in Prescott Valley, and a Prescott resident since 1995.

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Sep 08, 2012

Get paid

There’s more than one way to get cash for gold. Get paid for referrals! Yes, you can if you are referring people to Yavapai Coin and Jewelry to sell their gold.

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